​A photo exhibition themed “Vietnam Stories” introducing the most realistic and vivid images of the life of the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic by photographer Jindřich Štreit is taking place in western Plzeň city. The exhibition features visual stories about the daily life as well as Vietnamese traditional customs and habits being preserved and promoted by the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic.

In his speech at the opening ceremony on August 6, the 75-year-old photographer said, to take the series of photos, he had attended activities and tried to immerse himself in the Vietnamese community in order to truthfully capture their life.

Eliška Bartáková, Deputy Mayor of Plzeň city, said the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic have been integrating well into the local society.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Duy Nhien, Chairman of the Vietnamese Association in the Czech Republic, affirmed that the exhibition contributes to further promoting the relationship between the two countries.

The photos on display also show valuable contributions and efforts of Vietnamese people in the Czech Republic in integrating with other communities in the country, highlighting the friendship among peoples in the European nation.

The exhibition will last until August 27./.

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