After gaining independence on 1st January 1993, the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic inherited all the established relations between former Czechoslovakia and Vietnam. The relationship between the Czech Republic and Vietnam has witnessed positive and fine developments.

1. Political relations

The two sides have exchanged many high-level visits.

Vietnamese side’s visits to Czech were made by Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet in 1997, Chairman of the National Assembly Nong Duc Manh in 1995, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Duc Luong in 1994, Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Foreign Affairs Nguyen Manh Cam in 1998, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Le Cong Phung in March 2007 and Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dzung in September 2007.

Visits to Vietnam by Czech Republic leaders and officials were made by Chairman of Parliament M. Uhde and Minister of Foreign Affairs J. Zieleniec in April 1994, Prime Minister M. Zeman in December 1999, Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Foreign Affairs  C. Svoboda in February 2003, Chairman of House of Representatives L. Zaoralek in February 2006, President Vaclav Klaus in October 2006, Minister of Finance Vlastimil Tlusty in November 2006, Vice Chairman of House of representatives Vojtech Filip in April 2007, and Deputy Minister of Environment Jan Dusik in April 2007.

2. Economic and trade relations

The two sides have signed a Protocol on Inheritance of Previous Treaties between Czechoslovakia and Vietnam and other framework agreements for cooperation including an Agreement on Double Taxation Avoidance,  Agreement on Investment Promotion, and an Agreement on Aviation Services. The Inter-Governmental Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation was established in 1998 (in 2001, its third meeting session was held in Ho Chi Minh city). The two countries signed an Agreement on Economic Cooperation on 13th September 2005 after terminating the Bilateral Agreement on Trade in May 2004 as the Czech joined the EU. The two sides are negotiating to revise and amend the Czech - Vietnam Agreement on Investment Promotion.

The two-way trade turnover has increased continuously (1997: 41.6 million USD, 1998: 48.7 million USD, 2001: 65 million USD, 2002: above 67 million USD, 2003: 70 million USD, 2004: 75 million USD, 2005: over 100 million USD, and 2006: above 130 million USD).

Vietnam’s major exports to the Czech Republic include farm produce, food and garments.

Vietnam imports from the Czech Republic are machinery and equipment, glass and medicine. However, the trade turnover remains low as compared to the two countries’ potentials and Vietnam imports more than exports.

3. Investment

Investment into Vietnam from the Czech Republic has so far increased to almost 35 million USD, mostly in projects of crystal production, brewery, electric equipment, kaolin and construction materials. Both governments estimate that energy, transport (such as trains, buses and trams), and engineering (such as machinery, agricultural machinery and irrigation machines) are of great potential for the bilateral cooperation.

The Czech Republic has actively attended donor conferences in Vietnam and has so far provided Vietnam with roughly 18 million USD. In 1994, the Czech Republic granted 14 million USD to help train and create jobs for Vietnamese workers who used to work and live in the former Czechoslovakia before they return home. In 1995, the Czech Republic donated 1.7 million USD to construct an orthopedics and rehabilitation centre for physically handicapped children in Bac Thai Province (the center came into operation since May 1999). The Czech Republic provided 800,000 USD to modernize the Vietnam –Czechoslovakia Hospital in Hai Phong and 700,000 USD to set up a Vocational Training Center of Leather Techniques. In 2006 alone, the Czech Republic committed 1.2 million USD in ODA for environment protection, agriculture, labor and modernization of industrial infrastructure. In the same year, the Czech government pledged to provide Viet Nam with 750,000 USD in official development assistance to build waste treatment and micro organic fertilizer facilities in Hai Duong province. The East European country pledged to fund Viet Nam 200,000 USD for bird flu control, which would be channeled through the EU. Most recently, the Czech Republic has promised to fund Vietnam 2.1 million USD for health care services and environmental protection activities.

The Czech Republic have many times provided humanitarian aid for Vietnamese localities severely ravaged by natural disasters. During a visit to Vietnam, President Klaus decided to give Vietnam 100.000 USD to help the storm-stricken Central region. In August 2002, when a huge storm swept in the Czech Republic, causing havoc in Prague and other regions, overseas Vietnamese and Vietnamese enterprises were active in relief activities.

On the international fora, the Czech Republic and Vietnam have shown mutual support for the two countries’ candidacy for non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council for the 2008-2009 term.

4. Education and Training

The Czech Republic has regularly granted scholarships for Vietnamese students and government officers for study and research in its universities (since 1999, 4-5 scholarships per year). The two countries are in the negotiation process for an agreement on education and training.

5. Vietnamese expatriates in the Czech Republic

At present, around 40.000 overseas Vietnamese are living and working in the Czech Republic. Generally, the Vietnamese community is treated as equally as other foreign citizens. The Czech Republic speaks highly of the Vietnamese community. The two sides attach great importance in resolving emerging issues. They are also studying a amendement of the Agreement on Mutual Judiciary Assistance, and in the negotiation process for the signing of the Agreement on Readmission of Citizens and the Agreement on Expatriation of Convicted People.

6. Address of Diplomatic Missions

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the Czech Republic
Plzenska 214, 150 00, Prague 5
Tel: (00) (02) 57111540; Consular Section: 57291981
Fax: (00) (42) 5721792; Fax: 57296561

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Hanoi
13 Chu Van An, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Tel: (00) (84) (4) 9454131/2
Fax: (00) (84) (4) 8233996
  ​​  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​   ​​​